A new partnership in Switzerland

We are pleased to announce an important partnership agreement with Gnodi Service for the marketing and distribution of standard, specials and mini containers first trip and second hand both for sale and rental, in Switzerland in the canton Ticino and Grigioni. Gnodi SA will act as sole representative of Star Service brand. We strongly believe in teamwork, top quality service and  professionalism, values ​​that we have identified in Gnodi SA: with this new partnership we…


10 Years of ArcticStore in Italy

Since the first 6 x 20′ ArcticStores arrived in Rivalta Scrivia depot during spring 2012, the concept of cold storage in Italy has changed: no longer obsolete marine-type Reefer containers discarded by shipping lines with very high power consumption, with poor reliability and doors very difficult to open and close, but real cold rooms equipped with hight technology standard built on container basis. Today #ArcticStore is a reference brand in italy, which has grown thanks…

Starservice container treno

STAR SERVICE grows in rail transport

During 2019 STAR SERVICE had grown significantly in rail transport, both national (+ 21%) and international (+ 11%) routes. Although in 2019 the rail transport of empty containers in ITALY was still modest compared to other European countries, STAR SERVICE had registered an important growth in the North - South routes, especially towards Bari and Catania rail terminals; transports to Marcianise and Pomezia terminals had been more stable. Low costs, reduced delivery time and punctuality…
starservice container nuovi

Our history

STAR SERVICE was founded in 1999 thanks to the professional experience of its founders that began in the 1970s (after significant experience at the highest levels of management in leading international companies in the rental, storage, production, logistics and container transport sectors); our business, initially focused on container rental and sale (both for storage and shipping) with related transport services, has significantly evolved over the past twenty years.          Since 2012, thanks to the partnership…


The Materials & Components of a Shipping Container

In this post we’re focusing on what shipping containers are made of: materials and components. MATERIALS Structure The corrugated walls, frame, cargo doors, and cross members of shipping containers are all made from Corten steel. Corten steel (often referred to as Cor–Ten) is a weather resistant steel which could more accurately be termed as an “Atmospheric Corrosion Resistant Steel”. It is a copper chromium alloy steel – this alloy displays a greater level of resistance…

Starservice container primo viaggio

First Trip Container

What is a First Trip Container? A first trip container is pretty much what it sounds like. They are manufactured overseas, loaded with cargo, and shipped to Italy. Once they arrive, the cargo is unloaded, and the container is sold. It has made one only trip, which is why it is called a first trip container. First Trip Container vs. New Shipping Container All new ISO Shipping Containers are manufactured in China and have one…


In Catania, the sixth Italian ArcticStore depot

ArcticStore lands in Sicily! Star Service continues to expand its presence in Italy with the opening of a new ArcticStore depot in Sicily. Thanks to the partnership with Est S.r.l. the sixth Arctic Store depot in Italy has been active since July at EST terminal in Catania, in addition to the existing ones in Tortona – AL, Padova (since May 2019) Rome, Bari and Cagliari. This new partnership with Est S.r.l. ensures a direct presence…



What is the cold chain? Cold Chain is the process to keep cargo below a certain temperature during all the phases from production to the final user, making sure that during transportation & resale there are not any thermal shocks that can alter the organoleptic properties of the product. For example, the expiry date of fresh products (milk, yogurt and packaged salad, etc.) is related to the cold chain compliance: if products are exposed to…


20 years of Star Service

The first days of April 1999 a container 20’Box brown color was delivered to Turin for storage: today that container is still there, a little discolored but perfectly working. Our first container sold to our first customer …   20 years have passed since the beginning of our activity and we are still here, like that first container. Star Service in these two decades has grown and become a leading company in the hire and…

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