What is the cold chain? Cold Chain is the process to keep cargo below a certain temperature during all the phases from production to the final user, making sure that during transportation & resale there are not any thermal shocks that can alter the organoleptic properties of the product. For example, the expiry date of fresh products (milk, yogurt and packaged salad, etc.) is related to the cold chain compliance: if products are exposed to higher temperatures than expected ones on the way from the production plant to the supermarket, the expiry date indicated on the packaging is no longer valid.

Cold chain must be maintained throughout the production chain, including transport and resale: a mistake in just one of these steps is enough to compromise the products. Food, according to the general rules on hygiene, needs high quality standards during transportation and storage for organoleptic and nutritional preservation.

Although the cold chain must be applied to all foods, for some products such as frozen food and medicines, all transport phases must guarantee high standards to guarantee the health of the final consumer. Frozen foods cannot be stored or transported at temperatures higher than -18 °C. Drugs, must be stored at well-defined temperatures (for example vaccines need a temperature range between +2°C and +8° C).

In summer, of course, all this becomes more difficult because, while in winter low temperatures help to avoid heavy thermal shocks to products, summer temperatures, on the other hand, can cause products and medicines to deteriorate in no time.

All the cold chain phases must be handled with care according to very strict parameters. Quality standards, as well as continuous controls throughout the cold chain must be respected. Cold chain legislation, which is constantly updated, for hygienic rules violation has become considerably severe with high fines.

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