What is a First Trip Container?
A first trip container is pretty much what it sounds like. They are manufactured overseas, loaded with cargo, and shipped to Italy. Once they arrive, the cargo is unloaded, and the container is sold. It has made one only trip, which is why it is called a first trip container.

First Trip Container vs. New Shipping Container
All new ISO Shipping Containers are manufactured in China and have one cargo trip to Italy before being resold. This one-trip explains the term “first-trip’ often used to describe new boxes, these containers are as close to “New” condition as you will find without paying 2×3 times the price from european factorier.

Brand new containers are manufactured using high-quality Corten steel, which is designed to stand up to the harsh rigors of sea conditions.

Internal flooring is formed from 27mm hard plywood.

The external paint color is usually blue, but may vary. Factory paint will hold up significantly longer and better than repainted units.
First trip containers are ideal for secure storage – they are wind and weather-tight, so provide an ideal storage environment. If you’re looking for a secure, weather and rodent proof storage asset that will last well over 20 years…you found the right product!

If you require brand new container for shipping overseas, the original CSC certification lasts for 5 years from date of manufacture. The manufacture date is clearly stated on the CSC plate on the door. CSC certification can be updated after this initial 5 year period.
The wide range of containers we can supply to our customers includes container opportunities for first trip container: contact us for further information!


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