During 2019 STAR SERVICE had grown significantly in rail transport, both national (+ 21%) and international (+ 11%) routes.

Although in 2019 the rail transport of empty containers in ITALY was still modest compared to other European countries, STAR SERVICE had registered an important growth in the North – South routes, especially towards Bari and Catania rail terminals; transports to Marcianise and Pomezia terminals had been more stable.

Low costs, reduced delivery time and punctuality are some reasons that pushed us to increase rail transports on long-distance routes. From an operational point of view, thanks to fast online bookings system, our operation department is able to track all transport steps in real time: from booking, to container delivery in rail station, from train departure to arrival at destination. Thanks to this real time tracking, our customers are constantly informed about trip progress and they can organize pick up at arrival destination by limiting downtime.

Furthermore, the train is the most ecological way of transportation and fully embraces the “green” mission that STAR SERVICE is increasing and implementing year after year.

For international routes, the Intermodal Terminal of Mortara (TIMO) in Pavia is our main arrival destination for our transport from northern Europe, both for frequency of connections and for the proximity to our main depots in Northern Italy.

Since May 2019, a significant part of our of brand new containers production (mainly 40’High Cube), moves from China to Italy by train, with a transit time between 17 and 20 days to complete a journey of approximately 10.000 km.

Looking to the future, the choices of STAR SERVICE will be increasingly geared towards intermodal solutions, with an increase of empty containers in strategic depots with internal railway connections located throughout the country.